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July 31, 2006

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July 20, 2006

Evil Dead - The Musical!

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Who wants to go to New York?  ^_^

July 13, 2006

did we have more free time in college?

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Morecooler is not as active as back then. Just wanted to say I love my new job. Truly hectic but sure makes the week fly by. I don’t take any breaks and haven’t had a real lunch half-hour in weeks, AND have been showing up early and leaving late, and I love it. Plus, the boss let me keep my Hawaii vacation even though I am still in probation. I actually need to find a temp to replace me the one week I’m gone. So, if anyone knows a reliable, yet out-of-work friend who can do a decent job (but not better than I can), give me a buzz. I am planning on touching base with my prior temp agency in the role of hirer and probably not using them because they were lousy to me when I was the hiree. Bitter much? They did dump me in that horrible pit of my last job and left me to rot… Thank you Chris for convincing me I could do better.

July 4, 2006

Server Admin?

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Hey, quick question, and I apologize if I’ve already been told and I just didn’t write it down: I need to tweak some of the settings for my accounts; specifically, I need to add a mailbox.  Since we’re on a new server, I assume our hostsltd accounts won’t work; where, then, do I go to tweak this sort of thing?