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July 13, 2006

did we have more free time in college?

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Morecooler is not as active as back then. Just wanted to say I love my new job. Truly hectic but sure makes the week fly by. I don’t take any breaks and haven’t had a real lunch half-hour in weeks, AND have been showing up early and leaving late, and I love it. Plus, the boss let me keep my Hawaii vacation even though I am still in probation. I actually need to find a temp to replace me the one week I’m gone. So, if anyone knows a reliable, yet out-of-work friend who can do a decent job (but not better than I can), give me a buzz. I am planning on touching base with my prior temp agency in the role of hirer and probably not using them because they were lousy to me when I was the hiree. Bitter much? They did dump me in that horrible pit of my last job and left me to rot… Thank you Chris for convincing me I could do better.

10 Responses to “did we have more free time in college?”

  1. bryce Says:

    MoreCooler was active for about two weeks of college time, so it’s definitely not that. :-)

  2. chris Says:

    So, it’s all Matt’s fault, isn’t it?

  3. bryce Says:

    I hate to point fingers, but… ::points at Matt::

  4. martin Says:

    Hey, it’s not Matt’s fault, that’s not fair. He’s never even been to the site! He can’t have… oh, you don’t mean my brother. Yeah, totally Matt’s fault. Somehow. :P

  5. martin Says:

    :P <- this graphic is used for : P

    That is NOT a tongue-smiley.

  6. martin Says:

    Wait, what, now it refuses to replace :P with a graphic?

  7. martin Says:

    Alright, now Wordpress is just fucking with me.

  8. bryce Says:

    I should add a “Make Martin think he’s crazy” checkbox like the one I had on the old More Cooler for Brian.

  9. Matt Says:

    Pfffft. I was just experimenting with an online time capsule sorta thing.. ya know, to see what the site was like a few months earlier :)

  10. bryce Says:

    My clients really liked that feature. :-)

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