More Cooler

March 20, 2006


Filed under: General — sean @ 7:32 pm

Do we still have all the old features like address book, file thingy? I could hunt around the site but it is easier to just ask.


Filed under: General — matt @ 5:40 pm

I want the green theme back :)

I didn’t know my name!

Filed under: General — jua @ 9:08 am

Needed three tries to get my name right for the username. Apparently I don’t know what my friends call me!

March 19, 2006

MoreCooler 1.0

Filed under: General — chris @ 1:20 pm

If you want to see something from the old site, go here. It is a little less purple, but still good.

More Cooler 2.0

Filed under: General — bryce @ 8:55 am

So here’s the new More Cooler. For those of you who haven’t used WordPress (which is most of you, I think), you can go read the full docs, but here are the basics:

  • To login, go under the Admin menu and click “Login”. Your username is your first name, and I just e-mailed you your password.
  • Once you’re logged in, there arae links on the dashboard to write a post and edit your profile. First thing to do would be to change your password. After that, you can try writing a post. There are a bunch of options to play with. The biggest is that we can categorize posts now, so I threw some categories in there based on the kind of stuff we talked about previously. Also, you can tag your post (although I still need to tweak the template to display them).
  • Which brings me to the design. I just grabbed an interesting-looking theme at random. If someone else wants to find one from the theme library and post a link, we can switch it out. Or if anyone feels extra-crazy and wants to design a new one, we can do that too.

That should be enough to get us going. Let me know if you have any questions.