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November 26, 2006

Hawaii Pics

Filed under: General — martin @ 10:41 pm

Hey guys, just curious: did that guy ever send the kayaking pics?  I’d love it if we could get those uploaded somewhere, maybe just one of our webspaces in a big zip or something.  Obviously we’d need to hide the URL to prevent that much data getting downloaded more than necessary; maybe just ICQ around the URL?  And if anyone has any of their own digital pics that they don’t mind throwing in the pile, I’d love to see how some of them turned out.  Especially the Luau, which may well be as close to drunk as y’all will ever see me.  ^_^

November 10, 2006

Movie version of The Prisoner

Filed under: TV/Movies — bryce @ 2:01 pm

According to, it was reported in Variety in August that Christopher Nolan (of the Memento and Batman Begins fame) is in final talks to direct a movie version of The Prisoner). The script would be written by Janet and David Peoples (Bladerunner, Twelve Monkeys, and Unforgiven). That could be REALLY cool.