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July 7, 2008

Wizard vs Everyone

Filed under: Humor, Games — chris @ 1:00 pm

We played some of the new 4th edition D&D this weekend in an effort to assert our nerdom (nerditude?). They seem to have balanced the powers of the different classes and the wizard is no longer the ultimate force, outshining the rest of the party. Got me thinking of this:

November 3, 2007

Guitar Hero 3…. Wiiiiii

Filed under: Games — bryce @ 8:28 pm

I’ve had it since Monday and Chris got it today, so we spent the day rocking out. Anyone else have it? If you want to be buddies, my friend code for GH3 is: 532690759192 Also, my Wii number is 7357 4294 4973 6118

April 26, 2007

Sumotori Dreams

Filed under: Humor, Games — chris @ 9:26 am

I found this game earlier this morning. I understand that it is supposed to be a sumo wrestling game, based on a realistic physics engine. The player has only a small amount of control over the character, leaving the “standing” up to an AI. This is where the humor ensues.

There are a few youtube videos linked on the site that you can view for a quick taste. A coworker in another office down the hall actually called me this morning wondering why I was laughing so hard.

There is also a hidden mode that is a little different, I will tell you where it is if you ask nicely.