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July 4, 2006

Server Admin?

Filed under: General — martin @ 1:24 am

Hey, quick question, and I apologize if I’ve already been told and I just didn’t write it down: I need to tweak some of the settings for my accounts; specifically, I need to add a mailbox.  Since we’re on a new server, I assume our hostsltd accounts won’t work; where, then, do I go to tweak this sort of thing?

3 Responses to “Server Admin?”

  1. bryce Says:

    Go to your domain with https and the same port number as hostsltd. I could put it here, but we don’t need search engines trying to crawl it. :-) Your login from hostsltd should work. ICQ me if you have trouble.

  2. martin Says:

    Well, crap. Now, despite having done it just a couple weeks ago, I can’t seem to figure out my login name and password. And all my notes are on the other side of the country. I worry that I may have been hacked, as I’ve had a security breach somewhere and I’m trying to track it down (my WoW account with 5k+ gold and items was stolen).

  3. martin Says:

    Never mind, Matt found it for me. It’s set up weird; not the username I generally use.

    Let me just include a little personal message for myself the next time I forget: your username is VERY CLOSE BY, Martin.

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