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November 11, 2007


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Over the weekend, I found out that a friend from high school wrote these commercials. They are all funny, and some are also bizarre.

Skittles - Touch
Skittles - Stable
Skittles - Beard
Snickers - Mechanics
Snickers - Song
Sprint - I Seen It

5 Responses to “Commercials”

  1. martin Says:

    So, uh, was this guy… special in high school? ^_^

  2. Matt Says:

    Sweet, I’ve seen a couple of those before, but those are pretty cool.

  3. bryce Says:

    Martin, you act like these aren’t the type of commercials you or I might write. ;-)

  4. martin Says:

    You have a point there, good sir.

  5. bryce Says:

    Eric sent me a message after people from his agency found this post on Bloglines. Perhaps I should just leave messages him intermixed with comments about their commercials. It seems much more effective that e-mail.

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