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October 22, 2007


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Alrighty, so who’s around/what’s going on this week/end up in the SFO area? Looking to get my rear up there and I’ve got the time right now.

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  1. bryce Says:

    Is this Matt making a plan multiple days in advance? Amazing! Work is crazy busy, but I can most likely clear one of the two days of the weekend. Possibly more, but that depends how the rest of the week goes.

  2. matt Says:

    ok folks, for the moment, I’m flying into Oakland today, will have a car until Monday and will be staying at a hotel in Hayward for at least a couple days until I sort things out up there. I will have to get some work done during the week, but am up to being flexible. I’ve no idea where anyone is aside from Chris, and Jau has told me there’s a good sushi place around Hayward, so I think I’m all set. How’s that for not planning anything??? :)

  3. bryce Says:

    I live in Mountain View and work in Sunnyvale (right across the train tracks from Chris). Come down and have lunch with us during the week. There are many good restaurants right by my office. I’m free Thursday or Friday for lunch or dinner.

  4. martin Says:

    I decided that “voluntary evacuation” sounded like a good idea when it hit my area, given that outside my front door smelled like sitting in a campfire and looked like it was snowing. I just arrived in a hotel in Palo Alto, I think, on El Camino, and I’ll be here until southern California decides to not be on fire. Hopefully my stuff is still there when it gets around to doing so. :(

    Must sleep now, though. Got the notice at 7pm last night, got in the car and started driving, intending to stop when I found somewhere both not on fire and with free hotel rooms. Turns out displacing half a million people in the lower half of a state fills up the rooms in the northern half pretty fast. Just got into my room 15 minutes ago.

  5. chris Says:

    Matt will not be staying in Hayward, ‘cuz that is stupid. He will have his own car though, so he won’t have to wake up at 4:30 with me to come to Sunnyvale.

    We can all get lunch tomorrow, if you like. I know Kevin wanted to, because he couldn’t make it to El Pollo Loco with the rest of us.

  6. matt Says:

    Martin, good to hear from you. Tried calling a day or so ago when I saw they were evacuating down in Chula Vista.. not good. Anyway, welcome to the area :)

  7. bryce Says:

    I talked to Chris but forgot to post here. We have a big office lunch today, but I’d love to get lunch or dinner tomorrow or Friday! Martin, I’d offer to entertain you since you’re staying so close to me (I’m in Mountain View off of Rengstorff), but I am totally slammed with work. Let me know who wants to eat when!

  8. martin Says:

    Hey, sorry if I didn’t answer my phone much yesterday; was out of sorts what with the drive and following news reports and all. Slept most of the afternoon. But I’m up and about now; toss me a call if we’re gonna meet up. I’d help organize something but I get the feeling that my schedule is the least restrictive.

    I’m actually pretty familiar with the area, since Mountain View/Palo Alto is where I lived pre-college. There’s an awesome burger place on El Camino called Clarks’ I always used to go to in high school.

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