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May 6, 2007

A warning:

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Just a warning: If you’re sitting outside a restaurant in Brussels next to your suitcases and a random Gypsy walks up, holds out some money, and asks you something unintelligible in French, DON’T TURN TO TALK TO HIM - even for a second. He’s distracting you while his worthless Gypsy friend is stealing your goddamn laptop case. Y’know, the one with your keys, phone, PSP, DS, laptop, driver’s license, Eurailpass, souvenirs, etc. etc.
Europe blows.

3 Responses to “A warning:”

  1. chris Says:

    Damn Martin. That sucks. Up until then, how was it going?

  2. Matt Says:

    Wow, that really sucks. Hope everything else is OK (how about your Passport?)

  3. martin Says:

    I had my passport, wallet (w/cash and credit cards), and camera in my pockets, so I was ok to get back. I’m still in the process of getting everything I need back; I guess I should be happy that it took a professional locksmith 3 hours to break into the Pilot. ^_^

    The trip wasn’t bad overall, though it was a lot more stressful than I’d hoped planning rail routes, getting hotels, etc etc. Our final path was London->Paris->Zurich->Berlin->Brussels->London. I wish I’d opted to plan more in advance than take the “get a eurailpass and wander around” option, truth be told, since the pass doesn’t even work on most of the new high-speed trains and getting internet access to make bookings for the next night was often a pain in the ass. Still, some neat sites to see, and hanging out with my brother was fun. I’m sure I’ll remember more stuff I enjoyed once the blinding anger at losing 95% of my portable electronics at once fades a bit. At least they got the Sprite-top, not my newer one.

    I’ll post some pics and vids once I’ve gone through my brothers’ and my cameras, removing the ones with my thumb over the lense (I am not a good photographer). The best one is probably where I ignored the signs and held my camera out over the edge on the very top of the eiffel tower, pointed straight down, and took a pic.

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