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February 15, 2007

Heading to San Diego

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Heads-up to you SoCal dwellers. I’m going to be in San Diego from March 10-17. My friend Rachel is going to be down there for a conference, so I’m going to invade her hotel room and hang out for the week. I’ll be working during the day M-Th (yay for being able to work remotely), but can otherwise be available to socialize, and also to jump out of a plane, as there is a skydiving excursion in the works.


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  1. Martin Says:

    Well, seeing as how I’m the only person left in San Diego, you’re probably referring to me. And maybe Sean, I guess. ^_^

    But yeah, let me know once you’re down here, and we can hang out. I’d offer you a place to stay in case you needed it, but my brother will be visting me starting on the 8th, so it might be a bit cramped. Don’t have anything planned for that period, either - my brother and I are considering doing some world travel in the next couple months, like Japan, but not that soon after he gets here.

  2. martin Says:

    Hrm, “your comment is awaiting moderation” - does that mean it doesn’t show up for other people, since I didn’t log in to post it?

  3. martin Says:

    Never mind, moderated the comments myself. Live and learn.

  4. sean Says:

    Sounds good I will try to make it down on the 10th.

  5. bryce Says:

    We’re covered on a place to stay, so I would have declined your offer anyway. ;-)

    As for my availability, I get in Saturday around 1, so that afternoon/evening would be free for sure. There’s also a good chance that I’ll be looking for something to do for some combination of Sunday, Wednesday night, and/or Thursday morning/early afternoon. I’m still not sure exactly when I’m working and when Rachel has conference stuff. I’ll try to nail it down soon and post here.

  6. bryce Says:

    Update: Saturday and Sunday (11th and 12th) both are looking to be free for play time. I have to work M-Th, and probably won’t be able to do anything Wednesday night since we’re doing our feature release then and I should be on call in case something goes boom. Also, there would most likely be free time on the second Saturday, but my plans for that day are unconfirmed. So what are we doing, and who wants to pick Rachel and me up from the airport? ;-)

  7. Kim Says:

    I can probably pick you guys up if you need it. I mean, any time outside of work. :)

  8. martin Says:

    I will, no problem. ICQ/post your flight number and arrival times.

  9. Matt Says:

    FYI, I’m finally back in California so I’ll be heading down for the weekend too :)

  10. bryce Says:

    Look, the beginnings of a plan for Saturday! Our flights get in around 1:15, and Martin said he’ll get us from the airport. From there, we’ll head to the hotel and check in and all that, so that would probably make a good rallying point. Allowing us time to get there and get the room squared away, maybe plan on 2pm at the hotel. From there, we can do whatever. Hang out downtown, go to Seaport Village and kick around, whatever. Dinner at some point. Maybe after that, we can kick around the hotel and play a game in the room or something? I’m open to ideas though.

  11. rachel! Says:

    Look at me, coming over to see the plan-making!

    And to point out that you’re only free Sunday night if you want to miss the superawesome Americana-themed Opening! Night! Gala! aboard the USS Midway! (Free dinner! Lively entertainment! Possibility of spotting G[E(lm)o]rge Washington!) My point being: you’re not free Sunday evening.

    But everyone should totally come skydiving on Friday!

  12. martin Says:

    We have our own “make —- look crazy” system here on wordpress, too. For example, Kim’s comment (due to moderation delay) appeared like 2 days after mine did, so I look like I’m all, “fuck off, Kim, _I’M_ gonna pick him up!”

    …I must figure out how to use this power for evil.

  13. bryce Says:

    Martin, what are you talking about? Kim’s comment was there the whole time…

    The “Make Brian look crazy” checkbox is one of those things that still makes me laugh all these years later.

    Anyway, yes, I am not free on Sunday night. I never said I was, did I? I think I just said during the day. Really, I’m only free when Rachel says I am, so we will now run all plans through her. -=salutes=-

  14. rachel! Says:

    You didn’t say specifically that you were free Sunday night, but you said: “I get in Saturday around 1, so that afternoon/evening would be free for sure. There’s also a good chance that I’ll be looking for something to do for some combination of Sunday, Wednesday night, and/or Thursday morning/early afternoon.”

    I would’ve interpreted that as any time on Sunday, since you give specific timeframes only for Wed and Thurs. Just saying — I’m not insane to’ve clarified!

  15. bryce Says:

    No, you’re insane for various other reasons.

  16. martin Says:

    Just a heads up, my brother has been sick this week - like 104 degree temp, emergency room sick - so he postponed his arrival a few days. I asked him not to arrive Saturday, but he screwed up and thought the 10th was Sunday, so he’s coming in on the same day as you guys. Of course, nothing is easy, so his flight isn’t in until about 8:50pm that night, and we’ll need to plan around that.

  17. Kim Says:

    Megan’s birthday party is at 2pm on Saturday at Balboa Park. Apparently. This was last minute planning, obviously.

    Anyway, Bryce, I’m sure she’d love to see you. So maybe you guys wouldn’t mind doing a Balboa Park thingie? There’s museums!

  18. Matt Says:

    Ack. Too. Much. Stuff. Going. On. :)

    Anyway, I’m heading down Sat. I can be down there whenever, so if anyone wants to get together before Bryce gets in or something, that’s cool.

  19. rachel! Says:

    Kim — Both my flight and Bryce’s get in after 1. I don’t have a sense of how close our hotel is to the airport, but even if it were right there, we still have to claim bags (ugh), check in at the hotel, and I have to do my conference check-in too, so I’m thinking it’s going to definitely be after 2 by the time we’re done with all that. I don’t think we have plans beyond meeting up at the hotel yet, so maybe give us a call when the party’s over (4ish?) and you can come hook up with us then?

    Martin — I hope your brother feels better soon! I don’t think his flight will be a problem on our end. My conference starts crack’o'dawn on Sunday, so I can’t be out super-late Saturday anyway.

  20. rachel! Says:

    Um, to clarify, Kim — call after your fam stuff to find out where we’ve ended up, so you can come hook up with us. If we’re still doing the whole check-in thing at 4 I’m going to be jabbing someone’s eye with a stick. Or at least thinking about it…

  21. Kim Says:

    Dammit, I don’t remember my info to log into this. Oh well.

    But whatever, I just figured Bryce had said about 2, and my brother had just called me last second like usual, so I figured if you were talking touristy things like Seaport Village maybe we could make that Balboa instead and thusly squeeze in Megan getting to see Bryce for a few minutes.

    Sounds like we’ll just have to call you, though, that’s fine. :)

    My vote for what to do after dinner (or maybe for dinner?) is something like D&B. Or some old fashioned fun like bowling, or billiards.

    Hey, what hotel are y’all staying at, anyway?

  22. bryce Says:

    Kim, just left you voicemail re: shirt sizes for the girls. Call me ASAP, por favor. 650.274.5359

  23. Kim Says:

    B, didja get my emails with the sizes?

  24. Matt Says:

    Hey all I’m heading on down now, but plan on stopping by Fry’s on the way. So give me a buzz or something

  25. jua Says:

    I wanna say something. Um, “something.” Hmm…. what else, I don’t know, I was just feeling left out of what is one of the longest threads yet!

  26. bryce Says:

    Thus proving that I am a more interesting topic than anything else discussed on this site. ;-)

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