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January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Juanita!!

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Happy Birthday! We celebrated this weekend by playing Arkham Horror for some 9 hours! I have used too many exclamation points!

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  1. martin Says:

    Happy (belated, sorry) Birthday! How’s your win/loss ratio for Arkham so far?

  2. juanita Says:

    We mostly win, with the help of a little cheating…

  3. chris Says:

    It’s _controlled_ cheating! The only things that saves us, is the alternate rule for newbs allowing the sharing of clue tokens. Next time, we won’t use it, I swear :)

  4. Martin Says:

    Hee hee, yeah. In the expansion, there’s actually a card that allows clue token trading, and it’s exceptionally rare and hard to get.

    The one time I’ve actually seen it in a game, when the ancient evil woke (Ithaqua), we all poured our 30+ tokens into my brothers’ character. He had a lot of weapons, as well as a card that let him win a fight roll on a 4-6 AND a character ability to roll two dice for each token he spent to add to a roll.

    30 clue tokens + already dangerous character = around 70 attack dice = a one-hit kill versus an ancient evil. ^_^

  5. martin Says:

    Sorry for the delayed reply; I didn’t realize that posting without logging in put the text in a moderation queue.

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