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December 22, 2006


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Found this on Something Awful. I don’t know _what_ to say…..

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  1. Jua Says:

    Well, I’m sold. Just wait ’til you see my face made famous, as the girl who pierced her nose so she could wear glasses without temples!

  2. Matt Says:

    Yeah, I saw those somewhere before on TV.. pretty damn freaky.. just wouldn’t want anything to get caught on them and, say, rip of your nose or anything..

  3. bryce Says:

    This is better than what I saw a couple years ago, which was a piercing through the nose, and then they had clip-on glasses… That was weird.

  4. chris Says:

    What if we could get a sub dermal magnetic implant. There might be a market for that one…..

  5. martin Says:

    I saw an article awhile back about this guy who implanted strong magnets in his fingertips. Though I was grossed out at first, reading about his experiences turned out to be fascinating. By embedding the magnets in an area with so many nerve endings, he made it so he could “feel” metal and metallic fields as they passed through or near his hands. Very cool.

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