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December 20, 2006

New consoles

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Hey all, I’ve got a few console questions since I’m never exactly on top of all that. I just picked up an XBOX 360 for myself (Toysrus has a $100 gift card they give you when you purchase) and managed to snag a Wii off eBay for my brother (yeah, yeah, paid more, but damn if that machine isn’t going to be fun.)

Anyway, I’m curious about the PS3. With the 360 I can play most of my old games (they have to make patches for each one (pffft..) but will be doing the entire catalog) and they play in HD. My biggest prob with the PS2 was that it didn’t do high-def.. does anyone know if the PS3 plays PS2 games in HD? I would assume so, but it seems to be hard to find info about that. Also, does anyone have a clue on the MSRP for the two PS3 models? It seems new ones are going on eBay at a loss since people aren’t buying them for a gazillion dollars anymore.. don’t know if its wise to snag one now or wait..

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  1. chris Says:

    I would just stay away from the PS3. The XBox has “eh” backwards compatibility. They do some games, but sometimes it’s strange. I would still like them to do the Oddworld games, as I found them used real cheap, but can’t play them!

    The PS3 has no way of upscaling, well, anything. You can find videos of a side by side comparison of a PS2 game being played split screen on a PS2/PS3, and the PS3 version looks really bad. There are 2 versions of the PS3, with either a 20Gig or 60Gig hard drive go for $499, $599 respectively. The Xbox can scale things up in hardware.

    The Wii, on the other hand, is backwards compatible to many different systems via the Virtual Console, and the way it loads the Game Cube disks is really cool. It doesn’t matter where in the slot you put the disk, it takes it in nicely.

    Get an “Wii60″ for Dead Rising and Gears of War, and just having fun.

  2. Matt Says:

    Yeah, didn’t think it was worth it. I’m liking the 360 tho– the old games look even better and its got that nifty Arcade thing (w/ Lumines and DOOM! :)

    Can’t wait to play with the Wii, but its wrapped up for my brother.. and not sure if I can find a second controller any time soon.

    Oh, Chris, do you still have my Xbox games floating around?

  3. martin Says:

    Watch out for Lumines; if you haven’t already found out, they’re doing this bizarre thing where when you buy the game, you discover you’ve only actually purchased a small part of it, and they’ll continue hitting you up for money to buy the rest. I’m told that the end price for buying all the components isn’t too bad, and I understand that the reasons for the division are largely technical (XBox Live games have a maximum size set by Microsoft), but the way they handled the whole thing was… not good.

    As for the consoles, I agree with Chris: there is currently no real reason to get a PS3. Unless it snags an absolutely mind-blowing exclusive game, I’ll be skipping Sony’s offering this time around. Though, if you do see an Ebay auction with a buyout below MSRP, it’s definitely a scam. Even if the console sucks, it’s still EXTREMELY hard to get ahold of, and the prices are currently somewhere in the upper stratosphere.

    And the Wii is indeed awesome. I waited outside in the cold North Carolina winter in front of a Target for five hours to snag mine (and this was two weeks after release), and it was completely worth it. Zelda is graphically unimpressive but still a fantastic game, and Raving Rabbids is hilarious. I managed to find 3 extra remotes by calling every store in the area for a week, but those @#$%@#$% nunchucks are nowhere to be found, even in Raleigh.

    I think I posted my XBox 360 username earlier if you’re using Live and want to add me to a Friends list. But I won’t be back at my apartment for another week or two, so it will be awhile before I can access my 360.

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