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December 5, 2006

Server stuff

Filed under: General — bryce @ 3:38 pm

Matt just cleaned up the mail slowness on the server, and in honor of that… it’s almost money time again! We’re in the last month of the year that everyone paid me for initially. If we want to do the same thing again, everyone can just pay me $300 for another year of hosting here. Sound good?

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  1. martin Says:

    ‘k, cool. I’m in NC now until early January, though, so I don’t have access to the info the last time you sent me your address. If you can ICQ it to me or something I’d appreciate it; I’ll use BOA’s billpay to get a check to you ASAP.

  2. martin Says:

    Weird… I replied, and it won’t show up… But when I tried to cut-and-paste in the same message, I get a duplicate post error. Let’s see if this one works.

  3. bryce Says:

    There’s nothing in the moderation queue, so it’s not related to that… No idea what’s going on. :-)

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