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June 13, 2006

Uncool, yet safe

Filed under: Humor — bryce @ 9:56 am

The Self-Defense Fanny Pack: It may not make you cool, but it won’t make you dead.

4 Responses to “Uncool, yet safe”

  1. matt Says:

    I thought we fanny packs weren’t something we wanted to bring up in relation to how cool they are due to the last time this kind of discussion got out of hand..

  2. jua Says:

    When was it the discussion on fanny packs got out of control? I’d like a reminder if it is something I’ve missed…

  3. chris Says:

    Now, would the fact that this keeps you safe negate some of the negative-coolness-modifier on fanny-packs, or would it just make the fanny-pack intrinsically more/less cool? What about if you had a regular fanny-pack on as well, for non-defense related materials?

  4. martin Says:

    Now, to me, this is a nonexistant product. Yes, you can fend off people who want to beat you up better. But wearing a fanny pack increases the number of people who want to beat you up. It evens out.

    Except… Well, I guess maybe this could work like a bug zapper. Send people wearing these through a city periodically, and let them mace/zap/etc. all the people who try to kick their ass. Thin out the population.

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