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June 13, 2006


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Ok, sounds like you’re all liking the Aug 25 - Sep 9 dates. Sounds like Chris might have something lined up starting the 25th. I’ll probably be there most of the time. Also looks like ATA doesn’t have their nifty-neat deals, so finding a flight will be an excersize for the flyer :) . Tip of the day is as it searches the flight search engines easily. So, ideally if/when you all figure out if you’re coming out and when (dates and go ahead and email me flight info). Looks like Oakland is probably cheaper overall for you San Franciscans. And mucking with the dates a bit helps. Coming a little early might be ok, but let me know before booking it (Family’s out there the week before and I’ll probably be over a little before the 25th too.)
One nifty flight I found: $372 OAK -> OGG, nonstop rountrip 8/29-9/5 on aloha airlines website.

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