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April 24, 2006

Somebody Missing a Movie?

Filed under: General — sean @ 5:24 pm

I just opened my portable dvd player for the first time in about a year and found a copy of vanilla sky with many blockbuster stamps on it. I haven’t seen the movie nor do I remember renting the movie. When doing a google search for the number written on it 6835 and blockbuster I got a link to Detroit and 6835 Mission St. Daly City. Since I have never been to Detroit I am guessing it must have come from up north. So I somebody forgot to return a movie to Blockbuster a few years ago don’t worry. I have it. It’s kinda like reaching into a pair of pockets and finding cash only much more confusing.

5 Responses to “Somebody Missing a Movie?”

  1. jua Says:

    I have the very sad empty case for Vanilla Sky. I lent it to Chris for a very long time and I guess at some point he gave it to you. When he finally returned it, I just put it on the shelf, not immediately checking… suffice to say, when I wanted to see it, I was disappointed to find it empty. Not to worry, there was no late fee because I had bought it. Thank god, because I think I would have to sell my firstborn to pay for that….It would have been the most expensive unseen movie because I still haven’t seen the ending, and I don’t think Chris or his mom saw it either. So I guess no-one can spoil the ending for me. TECH SUPPORT!

  2. martin Says:

    LOL that is hilarious. ^_^

    Now I just need that girl I knew in high school to give me back my mortal combat CD she borrowed…

  3. bryce Says:

    Or that guy from the dorm who borrowed a CD from you during WOW Week…

  4. jua Says:

    I just had this image… many years later, he will have someone sidle up to him and whisper, “That CD you have…. Martin is looking for you…”
    Ya think I’ve seen too many horror movies?

  5. bryce Says:


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